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Welcome to Seton School

About the School

Seton Junior-Senior High School is an accredited, private, co-educational school operated by Catholic laymen dedicated to promoting the established tradition of Catholic secondary education. We teach orthodox, traditional Catholicism, in complete harmony with the Magisterium of the Catholic Church as taught by the Holy Father.

History of Seton School

Seton opened its doors in 1975, the year of St. Elizabeth Ann Seton's canonization. Located in the Manassas historic area, it has steadily grown to an enrollment of over 350 students, from families throughout Northern Virginia and beyond. Seton School is officially affiliated with the Diocese of Arlington, under the authority of the bishop in matters of religious education and the qualifications of its religion teachers, who are certified by the diocese. In all other areas Seton is independent, and retains autonomy in curriculum and methods. Seton is not a diocesan school and does not receive any diocesan subsidies.

Seton Jr. / Sr. High School 9314 Maple Street Manassas, VA 20110


Students show respect for their school and themselves by taking pride in their appearance. A dress code reflects the values of the institution that establishes the code. As long as a student is enrolled at Seton School, he/she should represent and reflect the image of the school. Seton has four dress codes (Uniform, Classroom, Activities, and Casual Dress).

Adjustment to Girls’ Classroom Dress Code effective August 2013
For classroom dress code, dresses and tops must have sleeves. This requirement holds even if a jacket or sweater is worn with the dress or top. The reason is that such styles as halter tops or sun dresses are not appropriate for classroom wear even with a jacket.

Seton Dress Code
Directions for sewing a skirt
Enthronement Dance Dress Code


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All Seton students are required to attend Monday Mass at All Saints.

Monday Mass at 8:30am is mandatory to benefit your child's spiritual formation.


Please feel free to contact us using one of the following phone numbers or email addresses:

Directions to Seton School
9314 Maple St
Manassas, VA 20110-5118